After months of writing, proof-reading and editing, ‘If Love Hurts’ has been released for everyone to read.

If Love Hurts - High Resolution (2)Before I wrote this book, I had a blog – Life with Six Kids – in which I briefly described some of the elements of my marriage and why my marriage had ended.  I explained that I felt it wasn’t an abusive relationship until it was over and talked about my confusion that I had felt leading to the end of our relationship.

A few months after my blog post, I met a mum in a local play area and she asked what I did for a job so I told her that I write a blog.  I thought nothing more of it until the next day when she emailed me and explained that she had read my blog and it resonated with her.  She could see many similarities in the way that her boyfriend treated her and the way that my ex-husband treated me.  She told me that she had phoned her mum and was going to move in with her as she couldn’t mentally cope with her boyfriend’s verbal and emotional abuse any longer.  Like me, she hadn’t recognised her relationship as being abusive until it had caused her pain.

When I decided to write this book, my intention was to help those who felt that they are hurting in their relationship but didn’t know why.  I hope that it will help others to see through the fog of confusion, break free and be happy again.

You can find my book on Amazon in both paperback and kindle:

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